Software Engineer

Work experience

Software Engineering: July 2014/Present day - Apple

Software Engineer Systems

Algorithmic trading: Aug. 2013/Mar. 2014 - Arbitragis Trading (internship)

Software Engineer

Tutoring: Jan. 2012/Jan. 2013 - EPITA Assistant Association

Teaching Assistant

IT services: Jan. 2012/Jan. 2013 - CRISTAL Association

IT Contractor

Ruby on Rails development: Sep. 2011/Jan. 2012 - LSFinteractive (internship)

Software Engineer

Technical skills


C++ - Development of a toy-language (Tiger) compiler (front end and back end parts) and a 3D video game

C - Ported video filters (smartblur, hue, kerndeint, histeq) from other applications (MPlayer, VirtualDub) into the FFmpeg open source project; development of a POSIX unix shell, drivers for Linux and Windows CE and a microkernel that handles interruptions, paging and threads

Ruby - Development of web applications using Ruby on Rails: website piloting through another website, online quizzes generator from a customizable template, PDF bill generator from a customizable form

Java, OCaml, Delphi - Use of these languages in various school group projects including respectively the development of a picture editing program, a 3D map creation software and a 3D video game


Qt, Boost, Wireshark, tcpdump, Git, Mercurial, Awk, Ogre3D


EPITA: 2008/2013 - Graduate School of Computer Science (GPA: 3.6)

Major: Computer Engineering in Real-Time Embedded Systems

Konkuk University: Spring 2013 - Computer Systems (exchange program in Korea)

Game Programming, Linear Algebra, Identity Design

University of Seoul: Spring 2010 - Information Technology (exchange program in Korea)

Management of Information Systems, Engineering Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics

Guillaume Apollinaire High School: 2007/2008 - Scientific Baccalaureate with honors

High school diploma


French - Native speaker

English - Fluent (TOEIC: 905/990)

Korean - Intermediate (TOPIK 1~2: 75/100)

Japanese - Beginner

Extra-curricular activities

AMV-France association: Administrative Committee

Drafting of minutes

Organization of international video editing contests

Taekwondo: Martial Art

Practiced for 5 years